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It’s all about Recycling

Workshops, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Retail Outlets – PET, LDPE Plastics & Cardboard

Rip-It Security Shredding and Recyclers can supply you with a 1100 litre bin to recycle your Cardboard, PET containers or Shrink wrap from your palletised goods saving it from ending up in landfill.

These bins can be serviced daily, weekly or monthly and a site specific pick-up schedule can be arranged.
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Save Our Landfill – Recycle It!

Rip It Security Shredding and Recyclers now offer collection for recycling of all your :

  • HDPE – Milk bottles, orange juice bottles
  • PET – Coca Cola bottles, Water bottles
  • LDPE – Shrink wrap, bubble wrap

Whether you’re a l
ocal business, school, community group or an individual, Rip-It Security Shredding and Recyclers can provide you with a solution to your plastic recycling needs.

How It Works

For regular and larger quantities , we’ll meet to discuss your specific disposal needs.
Then, we’ll offer you a regular recycling collection schedule tailored to your requirements.
For those smaller and irregular quantities of plastic bottles, bubble wrap or cardboard for recycling, you’re welcome to deliver the material to us. Or you can off-load PET and shrink wrap any time that’s convenient for you at our collection points.